A 3 Hour Workshop Demonstration by
Master Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America
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Fechin Institute / Donner Ranch
San Cristobal, New Mexico
July 10, 2002

During the week of July 8-12, 2002, I had the great pleasure of studying with Mr. Huihan Liu at the Donner Ranch in New Mexico, just north of Taos.

Huihan studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, one of the most prestigious art schools of China, and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. For more than twenty years, Huihan has been a painter, illustrator and art instructor. His award-winning paintings can be found in collections throughout the United States and Taiwan, in numerous galleries, and featured in fine art magazines.

The painting workshop at the Donner Ranch focused on the figure, both on location and in the studio. The emphasis was on learning how to do a quick initial oil study from the live model and to combine it with a few photographs to be used in combination as reference when working on a studio painting. Discussions took place about how to evaluate photos, compose the painting, and design value, pattern, tone, staging and mood to create narrative paintings.

During our week of study with Mr. Liu, he often demonstrated and discussed his methods for various types of painting: 1/2 hour value or color studies, 1 - 3 hour color studies, and finished studio paintings. On Wednesday, and with the help of the Donner's daughter as model, Huihan painted a 3-hour oil from life to demonstrate sketch in, value blocking, paint application and qualities of brushwork. And while this painting is more loosely executed than many of his narrative studio paintings, it gave us excellent insights into the artist's methods and attitudes toward painting.

With Mr. Liu's permission, these excerpts from the videotaped session are presented here for other's education in the fine art of oil painting. Please visit Huihan's website and the Fechin Institute website linked at the top of the page for more information about the artists work, or to learn about future workshops available at the ranch.

Our Model for the Day


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